Tuesday, April 21, 2009

So I wrote my first Linq to Entity Framework query today. Took a little bit of research to really understand what was happening, but here goes my explanation:

using (DataBase db = new DataBase()) // Relatively obvious... This sets up the data connection.
//var letters = db.Receipt_View; // A custom MSSQL View based on some tables with key info

// Next we set up an IQueryable object
// Note that you COULD do this with a 'var' object, but since I'm still learning I wanted to do it the 'hard way'
IQueryable rpQueryable = from e in db.Receipt_View
where e.OrderID == orderID
select e;

// Move the selected records into a List for processing
List rpvi_Receipt_Views = rpQueryable.ToList();

// Pass them to the necessary methods to do their job

Give it a shot. I'll never go back to ADO Legacy... Entity Framework all the way!!!


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