Saturday, June 28, 2008

It's remarkably unintuitive how to install a database through Visual Studio 2008. Nevertheless, it CAN be done! Solutions such as RedGate's SQL Packager are great, but expensive. I needed a quick, free solution. As luck would have it, one of my favorite resources, CodeProject, had just the thing. Thanks to Stan Prodan for his article on deploying SQL Scripts through an MSI!!! Check the article out here:
Deploy SQL Server databases easily with an Installer class

What is basically came down to was overriding the installer class with some custom code, and going from there. Fun Stuff!!!

Friday, June 27, 2008

So I've started using SnippDogg to manage my Visual Studio 2008 code snippets. Very cool functionality, fairly easy to use. My one problem is that the installation was a little strange and failed to load the required help files. However, it had a fairly quick learning curve, so no biggie.
Check it out! Snipp Dogg Website

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Over the next few days and weeks, I will begin a new blogging venture which will chronicle the discoveries made and challenges faced (and usually overcome) here at Intent Driven Designs, LLC. As a student at Capella University, and a relative newbie when it comes to "Code-Slinging", I have found that the blog-o-sphere has been a great source of knowledge, wisdom, and hard-to-find information. I hope to bring something of a fresh look to things, and perhaps to highlight some of the areas I struggled with when I first began coding.

A bit about Intent Driven Designs, LLC (henceforth, now, and forever known as IDD)...

IDD has been in business since 1997, when my father, Mark Reynolds, founded the company. Then, along about 2006, I joined in. With ties to the oil business, direct mailing, and the ongoing education industries, we certainly aren't hurting for business!!!

Mark has worked with Scan Systems Corp since the early 90's, and was instrumentational in the design of two of their main products, Tubular Data Systems and DigiPro.

He has also been a key part of Go Direct Mail Marketing for many years, providing IT guidance, programming services, and consultation services. With the design of the GoPrint statement processing software, he simplified the process of printing and sorting mass mailings for a number of industries.

When I joined IDD back in 2006, I came on as a documentation specialist. Over the past two years, however, I have been learning to program in C# and MSSQL, and have recently begun a Master's Degree in Software Design at Capella University.

Here at IDD, our programming experience runs the gammut from COBOL, to FORTRAN, to VB and VBA. And, of course, C#.

So in conclusion, let me reiterate that this blog will hopefully become a source of information for some poor soul who has had some of the same problems I have!